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This is the age of computer and near about everyone is aware with this electronic machine. It helps us to work smoothly and save the time also. There are no possibilities of mistake of the system and it can work regularly and no tired. Now a day it is used in every office, home, organization, banking etc. it has become our work easy. It has two main parts software and hardware. Software is the set of programs but hardware are the physical parts such as mouse, keyboard, hard disk, Ram, Processor etc. Sometime this it gives errors and not work properly. The reason behind errors may be hardware or software related. If the hardware parts of the system is missing or corrupt or the software is not installed properly or files of the software is corrupt then you can get error codes. But like every problem of the life there is also solution of the computer error codes. If you want to maintain your system then computer error codes troubleshooting are must.

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Some of the common error codes of the computer are-

1)Windows update error:- Such type of errors occurs during the updating windows.When you update windows it suddenly stopped and gives the error codes like 0x80240004, 0x80072ee7, 0x80070005, 0x8024401C etc. unless you troubleshoot it you can’t update.

2)Runtime error:-Runtime errors occurs in the system if hardware or software missing or the file which is compulsory to run the program is corrupt or damaged or not install in a proper way. Example- runtime error 11, 76,62,13,91,53, etc.

3)Boot Errors:- Such type of errors occurs during the boot of the system. Ex- boot time error 0xc0000098, 0x0000c9, 0xc0000034 etc.

4)Driver errors:- This error appears on the system if the windows driver is missing or moved from its location. It will stop the application to run.ex-0x0000007B, 0xc000026c, 0x00000019 etc.
5) BSOD error:-
This error only occurs in windows os. This error appears on the system screen with blue screen and some indication messages that something happening wrong in your system. Ex-BSOD error 1394bus.sys, acpipmi.sys, ox1000007F etc.
There are also so many errors of computer related to hardware or software.

Common causes of computer error codes:-

The common causes of computer error codes are given below:-
I)System configuration missing:-
The whole computer work depends on the system configuration so if it is not well configured then it will not support some programs or softwares.
ii)Corrupt windows files or registry file:- Windows files support the system to run the programs or software and the registry file is the database of the system which stores the settings of the applications. Sometime it is corrupt by malicious programs and so became problematic for the user.
iii)Changes in the setting of the system:- If user change the setting of the system then the adject path of the files not located during the program running and it became the problem.
iv) Software installed unsuccessfully:-
If the software is not installed successfully then during the programs running on it will not meet to the required files and so it may be the reason of the error codes.
v)Corrupt or old windows driver:-
We should always update and use latest windows driver. It is the main part of the system which internally connects to the hardware, software and operating system. If you give the instructions to the system through software then it sends to hardware devices thus the whole system works internally. Suppose it is damaged or corrupt then you can think the harms.
vi)System is injected with malicious softwares:- This is a big problem for the system users if their system is affected by harmful programs such as virus, worms, malware, Trojan etc then they damage the files and system files may be deleted, windows crash and the hard disk may be dead or crashed. If the hard disk crashed then the stored data which may be important for you are lost and you have to change the hard disk.
vi)Low power of Ram:- We know that RAM is a temporary memory of the system which play an important role to run the software programs. If the RAM is low capacity but you have installed the software which needs more capacity RAM then it will not support and you will get the System crash.

Process for Computer error codes troubleshooting:-

Computer error codes troubleshooting may be manually or by third party repair tool. Manual process for computer error codes troubleshooting:-

i)Scan the System:- This process can fix several errors of the system because many types of problems occurred due to malicious programs. When you scan the system with a powerful anti-virus which is updated then it fix them and show as a result that your system has many virus or other harmful programs, click to fix. When you click on this option it killed them and protects your system and its files from their attack.
ii)Repair registry files:-
As it is discussed above that it is one of the most important parts of the system and act as a database which store settings of the applications so it is compulsory to repair it. We can reregister the files.
iii)Update windows driver:-
If you update windows driver it became new and included with latest features and technologies so it can support softwares smoothly and prevent from problems of the system.
iv)Restore the system:- If you have change the settings of the system manually and getting the error codes then it is the best option to solve them. When you restore the system it changed in its default settings and never gets problems to run the programs. It is useful in near about all system problems.
v)Windows repair- If windows which is the os is missing or getting problems to run the programs then insert the windows CD/DVD and repair it.
vi)Reinstall the software:- If you are getting system problems due to software you have installed then it may be that you have not successfully installed it so go to the Add And Remove or Programs And Features option by clicking on Start, Control panel and select that software and right click on it and choose the option uninstall. If it is uninstalled then restart the system and again install it.
A part from these manual processes you can also fix the problems of the system by using repair tools. Download the tool and install in your system. When you run this tool it will fix the problems automatically and also protect your system from malicious programs attack.

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Computer error codes troubleshooting for the best of the system

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