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If you are getting windows error 0x0000010c in windows 7 or windows 2008 R2 which is a stop error then it became compulsory for you to fix this error because this may be dangerous for you and windows may be crash or damaged. Such type of error indicates that something happening wrong in your system and you need to check and remove or fix its issues if you want to avoid this problem. Windows stop error stops the system to work or run a software or program. It occurs when you work on the system which may be windows 7 or windows 2008 R2 and suddenly the system stopped working with the error message that stop error- 0x0000010c. As we know that windows is most popular and famous os of the world but it has also so many types of problems but this is not the fault of the system it is the result of the mistake of the system users. Computer never mistake its depends on the given input so if the input is wrong or missing then it can’t process right. If you are a system user then it’s your responsibilities to always maintain and protect the system from the attack of malicious programs, update windows, windows driver etc. Error message is as-

STOP: 0x0000010c (parameter1, parameter2, parameter3, parameter4)
The given error message describe issue of FSRTL_EXTRA_CREATE_PARAMETER_VIOLATION

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Cause of stop error 0x0000010c:-
The cause of stop error 0x0000010c is that sometime NTFS removes ECP (Additional Create Parameter) incorrectly from ECP list before returning the STATUS_REPARSE status. Srv2.sys is a system file and when it reuses ECP list for a new call then it occurs stop error 0x0000010c. A part from this issue there are also many common issues such as if the system is infected with harmful programs such as virus, Trojan, adware and other parasites. System files are most important to run the system smoothly so if one of them became damaged or corrupt then you may receive this error.

Fix stop error 0x0000010c:-

Stop error 0x0000010c occurs due to removed ECP list so recover it to fix stop error 0x0000010c in windows 7 or windows 2008 R2. You can do the activities such as scan the system to remove the malicious programs if they are injected in the system and repair the system because if any file of the system is missing then if may be repaired and you can use the system without stop error 0x0000010c. You can also use Microsoft Hot Fix which can solve your problem easily but if you are unable to do so then the easiest and best option to use windows repair tool such as Advanced System Repair Tool which can solve stop error 0x0000010c and so many other errors of windows 7 or windows 2008 and its other versions. It is the partner of Microsoft and specially developed to fix the problems of the windows system.

Download Advanced System Repair Tool
Download Advanced System Repair Tool

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Easy guide to fix stop error 0x0000010c

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