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When you are working with windows operating system, sometime you often receive the following error message on the screen:

“Access Denied”

Usually, this kind of error message is occurred on the system when you try to insert a DVD rewritable disk on a system, or when you format the disk in the Live File System (LFS) format. And after a bit when the wizard is completed you repeatedly write and delete data from the disk, but you cannot write anything because writing to the disk fails randomly and then you also cannot write on all the successive writes because it will also fail.

Cause of the error message “Access Denied” when try to write to an LFS DVD disk in Windows OS?

“Access Denied” error message is happens on the system because of a race condition in the Universal Disc File System (UDFS) driver. But this message is occurs when your system background format process are completing and in this situation write will fails. Therefore, the failure causes UDFS to mark the DVD as damaged or corrupted and read only. After this problem you have also face one another problem like all write operation will also fails. So, you required to fix this problem sooner than later for furthermore problems.
Unsurprisingly, this window “Access Denied” error message is occurs on almost all the versions of the windows operating system and without any prior notice or any hits. It happens accidently on the system. However if you receive a message denying access when you try to open a file then you can try to given below steps carefully onto your system:

  • You can verify the permissions of the file or of the folder the file is saved in, do the following:
  1. Open the file or folder, and then click on the Properties.
  2. Go to the Security tab. And then under Group or user names, click on your name to see the permissions you have.
  3. And you should also verify to see if the file is encrypted, do the following:
  4. Open the file, and then click on Properties.
  5. After that, click on the General tab, and then click on Advanced.

If the Encrypt contents to secure data option box (check box) is selected, then you should necessitate the certificate that was used to encrypt the file to open it.

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Getting error message “Access Denied” when try to write to an LFS DVD disk in Windows OS

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