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As we know that drivers are very important part of the system and many applications depends on the driver because drivers are the communicator between hardware and software and if there are any issue with driver then you can get error message that device driver not installed successfully. The same symptom happen with smart card as user gets error message when insert smart card “device driver not installed successfully”. Today smart card are using in many activities and it has made our work very easy but it became problematic because sometime it doesn’t work due to missing driver. When we insert smart card then many mini drivers needs to install for the card to provide plug and play services and if the driver is not available to the location WSUS, intranet paths, Windows update and an important file custom Crypto service provider is not already installed on the system of windows 7 or windows 2008 r2 then it occurs error message as-

Device driver software was not installed successfully installed
Click here for details.

This error message appears on the system screen for some seconds so if you click on the “Click here for details” then it give the full information of the error.

Cause of this error:-

When we use smart card it require some additional softwares to work in windows but in windows 7 smart card framework was improved to enable the automatic downloading the minidrivers of smart cards for its smoothly working. If the required software for windows smart card is not logoed and the minidrivers are unable to support then it became the cause of error message when insert smart card ”device driver not installed successfully”. Due to this error user became unable to use smart card and it became compulsory to fix this error so that he/she may use the smart card in windows 7 or windows server 2008.

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How to fix this error:-

Since this error occurs due to missing driver so it is very simple to fix this error that install the custom driver or check the issues of the driver and remove them then install drive with minidrivers successfully. Some of the instructions are given here to solve this problem as-
i) Use the smart card minidrivers so that smart card can be supported
ii) Use a Null driver for smart card
See the example of NULL driver
; Null Driver for Fabrikam Smartcard installation x86 and x64 package.

Signature=”$Windows NT$”


;This driver has no applicability on OS versions earlier than Windows 7

;This driver has no applicability on OS versions earlier than Windows 7



;Leave the following sections blank

AddService = ,2

AddService = ,2

; =================== Generic ==================================

ProviderName =”Microsoft”
CardDeviceName=”Fabrikam Generic Smart card”
iii) Disable the Smart card plug and play by following steps-
a) Click on Start and write in the search box as-
Gpedit.msc and hit on enter button
b) Click on Administrative templates from Computer Configuration
c) Open Windows Components and Smart card
d) Right click on the given option turn on Smart Card Plug and play services
e) Click on edit and disabled and finally click on OK

The given option can solve the problem or error message when insert smart card” device driver not installed successfully”.

Download Advanced System Repair Tool
Download Advanced System Repair Tool

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Error message when insert smart card-device driver not installed successfully

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