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If you are using Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows server 2008 R2, Windows server 2008 then you can get the error message Access denied error during SCW (Security Configuration Wizard). SCW helps to use security policies and manage them. It guides us through creating, editing, applying process and it is an .xml file which applied network security, configures services, audit policy and specific registry values. Since its name suggest Security Configuration Wizard so it is clear that it helps the system users to provide the configuration of security of the system which can be used as a role based tool and also can be used to create policies and enables services, settings that are used by server for specific role. If there is any issue with the configuration of SCW then you may get the error message “Access denied”. The error message is as an indicator that you are missing when you are configuring the Configuration Wizard. The error message Access Denied in SCW occurs if you have not permission to access the configuration. You can get SCW error in Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows server 2008 and Windows server 2008 r2.

Why use Security Configuration Wizard:-
We use SCW because it provides many facilities which are helpful for the security of the system and network such as-
i) It provides Firewall with Advanced Security Support and disable unused services
ii) It include security template with security policies
iii) It helps to deploy security policies
iv) It automatically selects dependent role if you select a Role

Cause of this error:-

It is very easy to know the cause of SCW error Access denied because this error message only occurs if you are trying to access the file or setting of the system but you have not permission or if some required components are missing. When this problem occurs in the system it became unable to configure the remaining services.

How to fix:-
You can fix Security Configuration Wizard error “Access denied” with the help of hotfix which is the product of Microsoft. When you use hotfix then SCW uses SERVICE_QUERY_CONFIG to open services for the configuration of services and if any changes are required then it use the SERVICE_CHANGE_CONFIG. When the configuration is completed then the error removed. You can also scan the system to remove the harmful programs if they are injected in the system. Before using hotfix restart the system and don’t make any changes in the registry file.

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Fix Access denied error during SCW

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