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steam error 51
While launching games, application or adding a new hardware, you may receive the following error code on your screen in Windows Operating System.

This device is currently waiting on another device or set of devices to start. (Code 51).
Error 51: Steam has encountered a problem and needs to close. We are sorry for the inconvenience.
Steam Error 51 – Game Failed to Start

Why Error Code 51 appears when you launch a game or other application?

There are various reasons that may cause this error. When you launch a big application such as games, it is needed to use lots of protected or shared system files, ex. Dlls file. But due to several unknown reasons these dll files may be corrupted, damaged, deleted or replaced by another application. In this situation the program keeps waiting for the dependent file and eventually show you an error code 51.

How to Fix Error Code 51?

In this article, I will tell you some awesome ways to fix this error code 51. By applying the methods you will be able to fix the problem and launch your favorite games like skyrim, watchdog, etc.

Method 1: Fix using Advanced System Repair Tool

The Error Code 51 mostly occurs due to corrupted file system, missing or damaged dll files, missing protected system files, invalid system configuration and settings, invalid registry entries etc. The Advanced System Repair Tool takes care for all these trouble and gives you clean and speedy windows environment to work with. After scanning and fixing problem in your PC, you will be able to launch and play games and other applications in your PC.

  • The most common reason behind this error is installing incompatible or outdated driver, missing system files, corrupted registry file or damaged pc by viruses. Advanced System Repair Tool is the only solution for all the system errors. By installing this tool you will be able to remove above windows error.
    3 Steps to Fix this Error

    Step 1. Download Advance System Repair Tool [File Size: 15.7 MB]
    Step 2. SCAN your Windows PC
    Step 3. Click Fix button to Repair Error

Method 2: Conflict Third Party Apps

It is really hard to find that which third party apps is conflicting and raising error code 51 so, it is better idea to clean your PC from unwanted and unused apps. Just go to control panel > Uninstall program and remove those application that is no longer in use.

Method 3: Update Windows and Drivers

An old driver always cause a problem. You must keep your PC updated using Advanced System Repair tool. This is really hard to find the outdated installed driver so, using the optimizer tool may make your job easier.

Method 4: Reinstall Games or Application

Re-installing victim games or application may solve this problem very easily. Just go to Control Panel > Uninstall Program and remove the apps that is causing problem. Now, download the fresh, latest and compatible version of installation file and install it.

Method 5: Repair Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributale Runtime Library

This is the most important steps that you need to follow. The Microsoft Visual C++ Runtime Library is a tiny patches that provides facilities various games and apps to run properly. You can repair these files as follows:

Repairing Microsoft Visual C++ 2012 Redistributable file may give you quick fix of your problem.

1. Go to Control Panel > Uninstall a Program


2. Select Microsoft Visual C++ 2012 Redistributable package and Right click on that and select Change.


3. Click on Repair button to start repair.


4. You will see that repair is in processing.


5. After finishing the process it will prompt you for restarting your PC.



In this article, I tried to explain what is device manager error code 51 or steam error code 51 and how can you fix it. If you are having error code 51 when launching games, then most probably you will not be able to use that application and games.

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Fix Error Code 51 – Steam Error | Game Failed to Start | Device is Waiting

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