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Mail merge is the software which describes the production of multiple documents from a structured data source. We use mail merge when we want to create a set of documents but sometimes it became problematic and we receive an error message during performing a mail merge in Microsoft Word. A form letter that is sent to customers is the example of mail merge. Each document has the same kind of information but some content are changed. Mail merge can support many steps such as setting up the main document, connect the document to the data source, Refines the list of recipients or items, Add placeholders to the document, preview and complete the merge etc. so it is compulsory to fix error message when you perform mail merge operation in word.


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As you try to use the mail merge in Microsoft word document it stopped with the error message-

Word found locked fields during update. Word cannot update the locked fields.

Cause of this error:

A {Shape \*MERGEFORMAT} field in included in mail merge main document and the field is created when an AutoShape or text box is added to the mail merge with the drawing canvas.


Manual solution of this error:

Since you are inserting AutoShape and drawing canvas is a turn on to turn off drawing canvas while creating mail merge and try again. Follow the given steps to turn off drawing canvas-

i) Go to Tools menu
ii) Click on Options and from the general tab click on the checkbox “Automatically create drawing canvas when inserting AutoShapes”

If you are again receiving the same error then change the wrapping style of the drawing canvas with the help of following steps-

i) Click on Drawing Canvas and notice that Drawing Canvas toolbar must appear
ii) Click on Text Wrapping on the Drawing Canvas toolbar and click on any s other than In Live With Text

This is the problem in Microsoft products and confirmed by Microsoft so it is listed in the “Applies to” section. If the problem is not solved with the help of manual steps then you can use third party tool named Advanced System Repair Tool which is the partner of Microsoft and simple and easy to use. It repairs damaged or corrupted files, find duplicate files, protect from malicious programs.

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Fix error message when you perform mail merge

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