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Sometimes it happens that when you try to add a file in Integration manager 7.0 then you might have received an error message”TTGErrors. Automation Error. Could not find key in the registry. -2147221166 Call Stack from Destinaton Lookup.I Lookup Manager_GetDisplayName MainMod.TimerCallbackMenFunction” on your windows screen. Due to this error message you are unable to add items in Integration manager 7.0. This error occurs when the file get missing from your windows registry. If any file in windows registry gets corrupt or damaged then you receive this type of error message on your windows screen. This error has similar affect on all the versions of windows operating system. If you face this error continuously then you should work on it that how to fix this windows error message instead of avoiding it.

  • The most common reason behind this error is installing incompatible or outdated driver, missing system files, corrupted registry file or damaged pc by viruses. Advanced System Repair Tool is the only solution for all the system errors. By installing this tool you will be able to remove above windows error.
    3 Steps to Fix this Error

    Step 1. Download Advance System Repair Tool [File Size: 15.7 MB]
    Step 2. SCAN your Windows PC
    Step 3. Click Fix button to Repair Error

What makes this error to occur?

You receive this error message due to various reasons such as:

  • Invasion of virus in your system makes this error to occur.
  • If you don’t maintain your windows registry files then you face this error.
  • A file from windows registry may be corrupted or accidently deleted from your system.
  • Incomplete updates of windows.
  • Shut down of your system without closing the programs that you are working currently or you can say improper shut down of your system.

What are the symptoms?

When you to add items in Integration manager 7.0 then you receive this error message “TTGErrors. Automation Error. Could not find key in the registry. -2147221166 Call Stack fromDestinatonLookup.ILookupManager_GetDisplayName MainMod.TimerCallbackMenFunction” on your PC screen.
Due to this error message you are unable to add a destination in Integration manager 7.0 and face other system problems.

How to fix this windows error message?

If you are facing this windows error then here you may find solutions to fix it:-

  • You need to uninstall Integration Manager and reinstall it again and to do this follow the given below steps:-
  • Before uninstalling integrations make a back up of the IM.MDB file from your installed integrations and save it.
  • Then click on start button and click on control panel.
  • Under control panel, click on Add/remove programs option.
  • Then uninstall Integration Manager from Add/remove options.
  • When the uninstall process gets completed then rename the IM and IM.DIC folder. The IM.DIC should be located in the Dynamics/eEnterprise directory.
  • Once all this process gets completed the delete the HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Great Plains key from the registry.
  • And now reinstall Integration manager 7.0 and while installing make sure to select all the adapters expect the Siebel Adapters. After completing reinstating process reboot your system even you are not asked to do it.
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Fix error “TTGErrors. Automation Error. Could not find key in the registry. -2147221166 which occurs in Integration manager 7.0

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