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You install several different programs in your computer so that you can perform on this software to meet your requirements. When you try to install or start a program in your system then in this condition you might have received error message. This lengthy windows error message informs that you are not capable to start, install or update system programs. You will find the certain common reasons for creating this error is your computer such as when you file or the shortcut gets corrupt, this also happens that security essential software which you have installed may be blocking the file which you are trying to open. This is the common windows error which you can solve this problem easily. You don’t have to take much stress that how to fix this error.

  • The most common reason behind this error is installing incompatible or outdated driver, missing system files, corrupted registry file or damaged pc by viruses. Advanced System Repair Tool is the only solution for all the system errors. By installing this tool you will be able to remove above windows error.
    3 Steps to Fix this Error

    Step 1. Download Advance System Repair Tool [File Size: 15.7 MB]
    Step 2. SCAN your Windows PC
    Step 3. Click Fix button to Repair Error

Why this windows error occurs?

  • Virus is the hazardous program, if enters in your system then this virus will surely damage your computer files and don’t permit you to open your original files.
  • Sometimes it happens that antivirus which you have installed may block the file which you want to execute.
  • If you system file gets corrupt or damaged then you receive this type of windows error.

What are the symptoms?

“Error: Windows cannot access the specified device, path, or file. You may not have the appropriate permission to access the item” you receive this error when you try to start, install or update your system files.
When any windows error generates in your system then it makes your system slower, long time to boot your PC and many other different problems which you will observe when this error occurs.

How to fix this windows error?

If you want to fix this error then check whether you have permission to open your file or not and to check this follow the given below steps:-

  • Select the file which you want to open and then right click on that file or folder and then select and click the properties option.
  • In the test properties pages, click on the security tab.
  • Then you will see the option that is Group or user names and from this click on the “To change permissions, click edit.
  • Then click on edit button and then click the check boxes to check that you have the permissions that you want to open file and then click ok.

Most easy and automatic way to fix this windows error is to use third party repair tool, this tool will definitely fix this error and also clean your computer.

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Fix- “Error: Windows cannot access the specified device, path, or file. You may not have the appropriate permission to access the item”

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