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Are you getting windows error 105 while using internet?

What is windows error 105?

Sometimes it happens that when you try to connect your computer or laptop to the internet then you may face windows error 105. Windows error 105 is also known as DNS resolution error which means that when you enter the address in the URL of the website and press enter in any of the browser that you are using then it tries to resolve the address of the website using DNS. But sometimes browser is unable to reach the DNS server then this windows error 105 occurs. Windows error 105 doesn’t allow the system to communicate with server. This error 105 is very common for internet users. It occurs in all the browsers and in all versions of Microsoft operating system. This error generally happens when your system having multiple connections to the internet which use different DNS servers at the same time.

  • The most common reason behind this error is installing incompatible or outdated driver, missing system files, corrupted registry file or damaged pc by viruses. Advanced System Repair Tool is the only solution for all the system errors. By installing this tool you will be able to remove above windows error.
    3 Steps to Fix this Error

    Step 1. Download Advance System Repair Tool [File Size: 15.7 MB]
    Step 2. SCAN your Windows PC
    Step 3. Click Fix button to Repair Error

Why windows error 105 occurs?

  • Your system is highly infected by virus which leads this windows error 105 to occur.
  • Windows error 105 occurs when there is some problem in Domain name system (DNS) server.
  • If your computer having multiples of internet connections which users different DNS servers at the same time will make this error to occur.

What are the symptoms?

When you try to write any web address in URL and then press enter then you might have received this error message:-
“This webpage is not available. The server at [xyz .com] can’t be found, because the DNS lookup failed”

How to fix windows error 105?

I am going to show you some manual steps to fix windows error 105:-

  1. You need to add manually DNS address in windows so that your browser is able to resolve DNS queries.
  2. Go to start button and type run in search box to open run command box.
  3. Type ncpa.cpl in the run command box and click ok
  4. Or simply go to start and click on control panel and select and click on network connections.
  5. Next choose the correct network adapter.
  6. If you are having Wi-Fi connections, then right click on the Wireless network connections and then click on properties.
  7. Select on Internet Protocol version 4 (TCP/IP v4 properties when the properties page opens.
  8. Under this usually you have both the options manual and automatic
  9. Then you need click on automatic option.
  10. Then select the option” Use the following DNS server address and enter the given below values
  • Preferred DNS Server –
  • Alternate DNS Server –
  • 11.  And then click ok and close it.

If you are unable to follow these manual instructions then you can use third party repair tool to fix windows error 105.

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How to fix windows error 105?

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