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By using a user principal name (UPN) when you start your system which is running windows 7 or windows 2008 R2 then sometimes you are unable to start your system and change the password and receives error message. This error occurs when the user name in the Security Account Manager (SAM) vary from the user name in the UPN. This windows error message is quite strange error message for the users because generally users is incapable to find the reason for this error and also unable to fix this error manually. If you are receiving this windows error while running your windows system then don’t ignore the occurrence of this error because it will not allow you to run your system. You will also find this error is windows XP, windows vista etc even in almost all the versions of windows operating system.
Why this windows error message occurs?
This problem arises because a false realm name is used to construct the Kerberos password change request.
This also may be due to occurrence of virus, Trojans, malicious program etc.
If the UPN suffix of your profile is a root domain such as the UPN is the user name @
If your account fit in to sub domain such as “” then this error occurs.
What are the symptoms?
When you start your windows 7 or windows 2008 R2 system by applying UPN then sometimes you are unable to change the password and receives an error messages that is:-
“The specified account does not exist.” (KDC_ERR_C_PRINCIPAL_UNKNOWN)”
How to fix windows error message?
If you are trying to fix this error manually then you are not capable to do this because this is error which can only be removed by using any software. If you try to make changes in registry file without having proper knowledge of it then this may arise to your system any other critical problem.
You may have to uninstall your windows operating system and then again install it.
If you don’t want to uninstall your windows OS and also want to fix this error without applying any afford and taking risk then use third party repair tool. Third party repair tool will fix this windows error quickly. This tool will find the cause for occurring of this error without any side effects. Don’t waste time and money in any other commercial tool, use this third party repair which not only remove all your PC errors but also backup your corrupted windows files.

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Fix windows error message “The specified account does not exist.” (KDC_ERR_C_PRINCIPAL_UNKNOWN)”

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