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The error code 2147467259 that is getting by you is related to Microsoft access. This is a runtime issue. The process to solve runtime error 2147467259 is available in this website. You can also get the all types of runtime errors information in this website. The error code 2147467259 occurs during opening Microsoft access. Microsoft access is an application that is developed by Microsoft. This application is used for storing data. You may face the following error message when you will start Microsoft access.

Run-time error ‘-2147467259 (80004005)’:
Method ‘SetFocus’ of object ‘CommandBarPopup’ failed

The error message that you are seeing above is a runtime error code -2147467259 error message. You will get the information about this error and fixing of this error in the below paragraph.

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How the runtime error 2147467259 occurs

This error is a programmatical error that is occurs due to when SetFocus fails because the control and in this case the menu bar is not visible in the user interface at the time when Automation code executes. Solution of runtime error 2147467259 is given in the below paragraph.

Process to solve runtime error 2147467259

You can fix runtime error 2147467259 here. I have explained programming examples for illustration. The error is pro grammatical that is why the solution is in the form of program. You can read the given program carefully and understand from where the issue generated. You can solve this error from two ways. Here both ways are explained briefly. The error solution process that is available here is very easy and you can easily apply the code in the program.

Method 1

Enter a function similar that is given in the program.
Function AutomationTest()
On Error GoTo AutomationErr

Exit Function

If Err.Number = -2147467259 Then
Resume ‘until control is visible.

End If
End Function

Method 2

Insert a time delay in the program. Set focus is using code behind the form instead of the automation code. As for example you can set the form TimeInterval to 1000. You have to use the following code in the program.

Private Sub Form_Timer()
Me.TimerInterval = 0
End Sub

In the above given program you can set the time control in the form. This program overcomes your runtime error messages. The method 1 will also gives you better result but the second method is easier than first method.

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Fixing process of Run-Time Error -2147467259

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