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Runtime error -2147217911 mostly occurs when the Windows unable to communicate with the software or hardware of a System and due to many other internal causes of Operating System which creates an issue and return runtime error to the user. In this section Run-Time Error -2147217911 occurs when launching Microsoft FRx. This is a software product which is used for financial reporting. The FRx Sys data directory contains important files of the FRx application and if the Sys data directory contains read-only files it returns runtime error when launching FRx. In this section, you will able to know how to solve Run-Time Error -2147217911 (80040E09) from your Computer.


Symptoms of the Runtime error -2147217911 (80040E09)

This error occurs when launching Microsoft FRx and at the time of launching FRx on the user machine may show the below given error message “Run-time error -2147217911 (80040e09): Cannot update. Database or object is read-only”

Cause of the Runtime error -2147217911 (80040E09)

The SysData directory Contained within the Sysdata Directory File Name/Extension File Description ActSys32.mdb Accounting System database that tells FRx which systems it can access and the problem occurs due to files in the Sysdata directory are set to Read Only, it returns error message when the FRx access the read-only file. As we know read-only files are unchangeable and when a user or application wants to access or make it accessible it shows failure message and shows error message on the PC screen. To solve this runtime error issue you have to how to fix Run-Time Error -2147217911 (80040E09).

How to fix Run-Time Error -2147217911 (80040E09)

To get a solution from this error open the file location of the Sysdata directory and you can browse the location of the Sysdata directory, then right click on the directory then you will able to see a checkbox option. You have to only uncheck or clear the Read-Only Check box then click on ok. Now select on apply changes in the folder, subfolder, and files (default) etc and click on ok button to close the operation. By the above given manual way you can solve Run-Time Error -2147217911 (80040E09) and if you are unable to solve it manually and want to get an easy solution then it is a well suggest apply a third party tool Advanced System Repair Tool which is effective and best to fix Run-Time Error -2147217911.


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Solution of Run-Time Error -2147217911

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